0.20 Cttw Bts Dangle Earrings Stud Earrings White Gold Diamond Illusion Set



IGI CERTIFIED: The International Gemological Institute studies, analyzes and certifies gemstones based on a variety of characteristics. When you buy an IGI certified diamond, you know youre purchasing a quality stone, and can wear it in confidence.

CLASSIC ELEGANCE: Featuring perfectly round cut stones, these earrings are set on a 10K stud back. The solitaire stones are timeless in style, exuding a sophisticated and classic feel. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentines Day, these earrings will be a gift your significant other will cherish for a lifetime.

TOP NOTCH QUALITY: Superior quality is our utmost priority, which is why our earrings are measured for their color and clarity, ranking high in terms of value according to IGI. This set boasts a beautifully clear color, which sparkles against the cool white gold setting. Theyll be a true talking point for everyone you meet.

THE PERFECT COMPLEMENT: White gold and diamonds are the perfect combination for everyday wear. Pair these earrings with jeans and a T, or your most formal cocktail dresseither way, they promises to standout as the premier statement piece in your jewelry box. The comfortable friction backs will ensure that theyll remain on your ears without worry of falling off.

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